What Are the Stages of The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process can seem hard when you’re looking for a job. It’s important to understand the steps most recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi or Dubai – UAE follow when hiring to avoid getting frustrated. Becoming familiar with the recruitment process will help you know what to do at each stage to boost your chances of landing the job. Below are the common stages you can expect after you’ve submitted your CV.

Step 1: CV Scanning

Most recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, UAE use a computer program to scan your CV for keywords and phrases. The keywords and phrases are usually those in the job description. Ensure that your cv includes some of the phrases from the Job Description. The words should also showcase your skills and experience.

Step 2: Shortlisting

This is one of the most important recruitment services offered by job agencies in UAE. In this stage, the recruiter goes through the CVs that pass the first step and selects the ones that match best with the job’s requirements. The chosen candidates are then called for a short phone interview to confirm what’s on their CVs and gauge their communication skills.

Step 3: Face-to-Face Interview

Next, the hiring team discusses each applicant’s qualifications and selects the candidates to call for a face-to-face interview. The hiring manager, at this point, is familiar with the applicant’s skills and experience, so they will check their personality during the interview. If you make it to this stage, be ready to answer common questions about your skills and work history and how they are relevant to the position.

Stage 4: Second Interview

Next, the recruitment agency chooses a few candidates depending on the number of employees needed for that particular position. Those candidates are then called back for a second interview, often with different interviewers. The second interview helps the recruiter to get a better understanding of your character and working style.

Step 5: Offer of Employment

Once the interviews are over, the interviewers compare their impressions of each candidate. A final decision is made, and the best applicant gets the offer.

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