The 16th Factor of Success to Recruitment and Outsourcing


The 16th Factor of Success to Recruitment and Outsourcing Inspired by Success Story in Recruitment and Outsourcing Lasting for the Sixteen Year.

Last year, I wrote an article entitled (15 Factors of Recruitment and Outsourcing Success) and I had already completed my fifteenth year in REACH Employment Services.

I mentioned the factors and concepts participated in the success of Reach Employment Services, including (Loyalty), (Hard Work with Persistency), (Confidence), (Belonging), Choosing governmental sector as a strategic partners in the United Arab Emirates), (Awareness of Client Requirements and Providing Them), (Transparency), (Commitment), (Teamwork),(Managing the Relation with the Outsourcing Department), (Human Treatment with Employees), (Assuming Responsibility for Mistakes), (Caring for the Administrative and Financial Support of the Employee with all the Means Possible), and Our Own Concept about Dealing with the Employees Requirements and Treating Them as Being Important).

I stated all aforementioned with details and I suggest referring to them in this important article as it is deemed the abstract of the years of experience and the lessons which I learnt in my career term at Reach Employment Services.

This year, after I spent 16 years of my employment at Reach Employment Services, I add the sixteenth year of success in employment and outsourcing. It is an important year for all companies in general. It should be confirmed and dedicated. Reach Employment Services should confirm and enforce it. This is what is happening now.

The sixteenth year is and shall be the year of (Motivation).

Of course,

The (Financial Motivation) is the first thing that comes into the reader’s mind on reading about (Motivation) and some consider it the sole motivation in organizations and companies.

This is quite a mistaken concept. The motivation measure in the companies is to financial measure related with money whether in the form of an annual bonus or salary increments. I see motivation to be greater than money. Yet, the financial motivation is one of the important methods of motivation which the employee is concerned about but it is not the only means.

Unfortunately, however, some companies accept all the types of motivations and are prepared to apply all except the( financial) motivation. This is inadvisable as motivation is such an integrated system including the moral and financial sides.

I am not going to speak about (the Art of Motivation) as it is related to administrations. I am going to mention the methods of motivation and its importance. Here I will state the (Motivation) definition, hence, the (Motivation) importance for both company and employee.

maher - outsourcing 2 I will conclude with some problems related with motivating the (Outsourcing) employee. It is a subject that should be explained in a separate article but including it here is quite important as our company is specialized in the field of (employees outsourcing) and we are interested in the satisfaction of the (outsourcing) employees sponsored by Reach Employment Services, who are employed in the greatest organizations in the country.

First: Motivation: it is the drive. The more the employee is motivated, the more active he becomes. Hence, business quality will be better.

This inevitably contributes in the achievement of the company objectives such as maintaining and enhancing the service level.

Of course, I see many definitions here but the following is the simplest and the most important:

The motivational significance is related with maintaining the employee performance level and its development. I repeat (development). This will have a positive effect in the company as I mentioned before and will result in company development and performance development.

From the aforementioned, we conclude that motivation is important as it is the (soul) of the company and the (guarantee) of the continuous satisfaction of clients and employees who provide their services. As a result, it is a guarantee of the company development of the business and services provided for the companies interested in motivation.

Second; motivation methods: some believe that motivation cannot be but financial as I mentioned before, and yet, I repeat that it is an important and effective type of motivation but it is not the only means. There are other means which will create some factors in the business environment if they are achieved. These factors include:

  • Love the work and urge employees to do so, as this will definitely lead to work perfection at all levels.
  • Good dealing and modesty with employees, which is the basic reason for staying the employee in his work, as the personal effect of the manager is strongly effective since it contributes in the participation of employee in the work and also promotes his sense of belonging.
  • The success of the company depends on the employees. The managerial system and work mechanisms in the company is important, however, each employee must feel the importance of his presence, place and importance from the rule of prioritizing (employees first). This can make the employees, who apply policies and plans as the base of success.
  • Urge the employee to create the natural motivation of success, as we all desire to be successful by nature since it is considered part of our personality and identity. This natural motivation must be always urged without hesitation.
  • Creating the suitable atmosphere for positive competitiveness between employees, which is considered an important motivation factor.

If we applied all the above mentioned concepts, these concepts will be a base to create a real (motivation) system for all employees, i.e. moral and financial motivation based on the feeling of belonging to the company and seeking to achieve its goals.

The following are some of the important motivation ways, which can be a base for expressing the financial and moral motivation system:

  • Thanking and honoring the employee either by (honoring certificate), (message) or (word), in addition, every manager have to learn to say (thank you).
  • Organizing annual celebrations to thank the employees for their work and honoring the most distinguished.
  • Celebrating the achievement and refer to those who stand behind this success with sincerity and attention.
  • Of course, granting employees (annual increment) and (remunerations) related to their professional level, work, achievements and the evaluation of the management to their work, which have to be multilateral evaluation.

The above mentioned motivation ways is a linked system in which each management should follow to insure the continuous high performance of the employee, as this will contribute in achieving the goals of the company and developing it.

In Reach Employment Services, we accept and believe in all the aforementioned. In addition, we believe that all the above mentioned ways of motivation cannot be successful without the real understanding and agreement between the employee and the management regarding the goals of the company in which they seek to achieve, as they all have to represent a base in achieving these goals.

Accordingly, the success will be the story and the pride of all of them.

Of course “after all my past years” especially in 2015, I tried as the Executive Manager of Reach Employment Services in Dubai to apply a part of the aforementioned, and I am seeking to apply what can be applied during the next year.

I sure that the theoretical framework, that is based on the experience of motivation and the role of it in achieving the dreams of the employee and the goals of the company, already exists in our minds and hearts, in addition, it is a part of what we are seeking to promote during the next year without hesitation.


We actually know the importance of (motivation) and we seek to achieve a high level of it for our employees. Further, the greatest challenge lies in the ways of motivating the outsourcing employees, owing to that the financial motivation cannot be achieved without obtaining the acceptance of client, and the moral motivation is not effective and have to be achieved through the client not through our outsourcing company.

We will seek, through our relation with various partners, to develop this concept, so that (outsourcing) employees can be always in view and consideration, due to the importance of motivating them by our company and partners.

The Sixteenth year will be the (motivation) year for all employees, hoping that the company continues to achieve its goals in addition to the continuance of the motive and performance of employees in the highest levels. Moreover, I am sure that the next year will be full of success and progress.

At last, it is a requirement of my duty to thank all my colleagues as well as all partners and clients of Reach Employment Services whom we are honored to serve and cooperate with them.


Maher Hussain, Executive Manager,

Reach Employment Services – Dubai

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