Quality And Credibility… Challenge Of Year 2017

New Year 2017 

At the beginning of every New Year, the companies are busy in evaluating what was achieved last year, and assume work to achieve the aim in the New Year.

In this year 2017, as in every year, there are many challenges encountered by employment companies and outsourcing companies. The most remarkable challenges are quality of performance, credibility of work and keep a profit margin that guarantees dealing with work risks in the field of outsourcing and employment.

New Year 2017

In this article I will deal with quality of service and credibility of work, being a great challenge for all companies, and also a basis for continuous success of employment and outsourcing companies.

However, at the beginning and in short and directly, I will deal with phenomena of remarkable decrease of prices of employment and outsourcing service, and recession of profit margin in sector of employment and outsourcing companies. I know that this is a private issue to each company and an expression of its policy, but I assure that decrease made by some employment and outsourcing companies to profit margin to reach to 2% “for example” is harmful to the customer, and I repeat: harmful to the customer, because this low profit margin will make the level of service and quality of service of company recede to the least professional limits.

Outsourcing Companies deal with a service related to Human Being (employee) with his/her rights, needs, problems and dreams, and hence any prejudice or delay in salary or rights of the employee will be harmful. My advice is “Do not think low rate from any outsourcing company is a good company and they can provide good services”

Achievement of quality in service and credibility with the customer needs the following 3 important factors:

  1. Outsourcing Company has to supervise and monitor the operations of their Internal Work.
  2. Customer/ Clinent need to cooperate and finish their process (Contracts, LPOs, Payments etc)
  3. Outsourced Employee need to give his best result to success the client goals and resourceful employee to the outsourcing company.

The partial quality and temporary credibility will never succeed, as it is necessary to reach the total quality and complete credibility with the customer. To achieve this, the companies should have the best human resources, and it is necessary to consider the quality in service as challenge of all, job of all and aim of all in company, far from any contradiction or difference.

Ahievement of quality in service and complete credibility with the customer needs the following too: Outsourcing Company staffs should have effectiveness, sincerity and best efforts to provide best service. This will be the biggest challenge of the year 2017, as I see it.

In order to achieve the said aim: it’s necessary and important to know the issues/ opinion/ comments/ problem of the Outsource Employees and Customer / Client, So we may understand and recognize the the problem encountered as they are connected problems.

Further, it is necessary to document and examine the complaints, and to create a mechanism to deal with them, and to follow up and eliminate these complaints.

Quality and credibility require opening the doors for proposals, suggessions and development, and this necessitates a management aware of the same.

In this year, Reach Employment Services will have a special challenge, namely challenge of:

Quality of service and credibility with the customer.

Yes, in 2017 there are challenges for success, but since when there were no challenges against success.


Maher Hussain, Executive Manager,

Reach Employment Services – Dubai

Email: mhussain@reachgroup.ae

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