Change Is The Law of Life


Changing Jobs… Accepting a new job offer … changing career… All are important and critical phases in the life of an employee.

As when an employee starts working in a new place, he has to pay enough attention during such a critical phase; thus based on my long experience in the employment and human resources field, I highly advise every employee to make the ending of his work relation with the company he used to work for a (Happy Ending). Every employee should do his/her best to make the transition from his last work to the new one as smooth as possible, so the service ending should be full of appreciation, respect and sense of responsibility which will lead to a proper handover.

Due to the importance of this matter, I cannot stress enough that the way an employee ends his work relation with his former employment is very crucial and always has serious consequences. Meantime the employee should not disregard his relationship with his last employer as it has ended completely. Noticing that the previous employer may be one of the future customers or even a reference which is important as it will be required for the new employer to inquire.

As the beginning of the new employment is also the beginning of a new phase in your career, and a new establishment where all eyes will be on you for everything you can bring to the work as a new employee. For that, with the logic of the importance of beginnings, it is quite necessary that you express your qualities as a hard worker through being discipline regarding the work hours, fully committed to your work, and greatly respectful to your fellow employees from whom you will learn everything about the work’s (conditions) and (environment).

Also, it is quite important to be aware of what you say as a new employee, that you must not talk about the way you were at your former work. same reasons, you should not keep talking all the time about how (unique), (professional), (successful) and (the size) was your last company. The first thing that always comes to mind is why (your former company) let you go if you were such an exemplary employee, and that there will always be a lasting question about the reason that made you (leave) your former workplace if it was such an ideal one.

There is no such thing as an ideal company. Not the former company, or the current one, or the next. As there is no such thing as a flawless employee, because everyone makes mistakes from time to time, hence the one thing we must always focus on is to leave a good impression on everyone we work with and to always be faithful and devoted.

And we should understand that success is not the result of talking about the past, but it is the result of the achievements we make in the present, our effective interaction with our surroundings, and our ability to communicate and to always be ready to learn, as well as to exert the necessary effort to excel in the future benefits from our past experience.

Simply, do not say I (was) the most important employee in my last company.

Do not say the company I worked for (had) the best (work environment) and it was (the most successful).

Change is the law of life.


Maher Hussain, Executive Manager,

Reach Employment Services – Dubai


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