Seeking 100% Employee Loyalty

Loyality Employee Loyalty is a subject of concern to many companies, while for us as Reach Employment Services we believe that the job loyalty is an essential base to evaluate the employees as there is a difference between:

(an employees in the company and Our Employees).

It must be emphasized that (Employee loyalty) is considered as a main quality of REACH staff this has resulted them to stay in the company for many years.

(Employee loyalty) is described as an unwritten contract between the employee and the company’s management, and under this unwritten contract the company undertakes the employee growth and protect his rights. The development of the company is to achieve its goals the more the employee will get from the company and vice versa.

And when Employee loyalty achieve it’s more likely to overlook mistakes that might occur from both sides.

I have worked in this company (Reach Employment Services) for nearly fifteen years, under the management of Mr. Malik Melhem, the founder and the CEO. I always saw myself as part of this institution and I couldn’t see myself outside of it.

Even though it caused me frustration but through that it helped me to achieve more which I am proud of. And in my opinion that the employees’ loyalty especially the first generation which established the company is one of the main reasons of its success and to bring it to what it is today.

  • How to improve Employees Loyalty?
  • How can we keep our employees and strengthen their role?
  • How do we make the employees to embrace their job as an identity?
  • How do we achieve 100% loyalty of the employees?

These questions are not only asked in (Reach Employment Services) but it been questioned by every management to seek improvement of its work and its employees?

Simply, I see the honesty in the relationship between the employee and the management as this is the very basics Employees loyalty is built on.

And for sure the Management should be honest with its employees and should not give them wrong information or false promises. In return the employee should be honest in its job with less mistakes.

Anyhow, there are important factors that influence the employee loyalty:

  • To know the company’s goals and mission.
  • For the job to have a future and growth
  • Taking into account the humanitarian nature of the employee, there is no employee performance remains a distinct
  • The employees sense of it is importance in his work and his role in the company and its ability to take decision
  • Continuance encouragement for the employees
  • Create family social environment in the workplace to go beyond (work to life) instead (work is life).
  • Honesty with what the employees wants from the management and vice versa.

All the mentioned above are important and effective yet I continue saying that the key to successful employee relationship with the company someone works for is to create (Employee Loyalty) is  HONESTY.

So let’s be honest with the company and the management to be honest with the employees and then we will at some point will have a chance to witness 100% Loyalty.


Maher Hussain, Executive Manager,

Reach Employment Services – Dubai

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